Tucker McCombs

Mailing Address:
Outrider Sportfishing
3600 Cabezone Cir. Suite 115
Oxnard, CA 93035

Welcome aboard the Outrider! The Outrider operates out of Hooks Landing in Oxnard, California. Exceptional quality and service come standard on any trip you wish to experience. We specialize in limited load trips that meet the needs of the serious angler looking for more room and time at the rail. Otherwise, we hope to get you hooked on fishing if this is your first time. Captain Tucker McCombs pledges to provide you with great opportunities to fish the best of what the ocean has to offer at the time of your trip. We strive to surpass any expectations of what a sportfishing boat is. See our fish reports here!

The Outrider is a 50’ Delta of fiberglass construction that was built in 1976. The boat features the latest in communications and navigation, as well as a side scan sonar in the captain’s wheelhouse. There’s ample deck space all around with plenty of space at the rail. The Outrider features two large capacity bait tanks for the best live baits available. It has recently been upgraded with a brand new RSW to keep your catch exceptionally fresh and will be utilized on every trip. The bunk room is air conditioned and has 11 spacious, comfortably padded bunks with the option to sleep up to 13. Clean pillow cases and blankets are provided for every trip. The two heads feature running water with the availability to take a warm shower if needed. Our galley is fully stocked and ready to serve hot hearty meals, tasty snacks, and cold drinks. The galley also includes a large flat screen TV and Blue-ray player for entertainment.


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Recent Outrider Fish Counts
Trip Type
Trip Details
Fish Count
Full Day Trip
11 Anglers
1 California Sheephead, 6 Lingcod, 103 Ocean Whitefish, 110 Rockfish
Full Day Trip
9 Anglers
22 Kelp Bass, 30 Ocean Whitefish, 50 Rockfish
Overnight Trip
11 Anglers
22 Lingcod, 88 Ocean Whitefish, 110 Rockfish
Overnight Trip
10 Anglers
4 California Sheephead, 32 Ocean Whitefish, 100 Rockfish
1.5 Day Trip
14 Anglers
28 Bluefin Tuna
2 Day Trip
9 Anglers
13 Bluefin Tuna, 45 California Sheephead, 21 California Yellowtail, 90 Ocean Whitefish, 45 Rockfish
2 Day Trip
11 Anglers
2 California Yellowtail, 35 Lingcod, 110 Ocean Whitefish, 220 Rockfish
Full Day Trip
16 Anglers
10 California Sheephead, 5 Lingcod, 145 Ocean Whitefish, 160 Rockfish
Overnight Trip
9 Anglers
2 California Halibut, 9 California Yellowtail, 1 Lingcod, 10 Ocean Whitefish, 90 Rockfish
Overnight Trip
11 Anglers
12 California Sheephead, 13 Lingcod, 42 Ocean Whitefish, 110 Rockfish